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Digital installation of my paintings on The Great Wall of Manly as part of Destination Sydney Re-Imagined 7 Dec 2018 – 17 Mar 2019

When Manly Art Gallery & Museum asked me to respond to the work of Ethel Carrick Fox for the Great Wall of Manly I had only ever seen one or two of her paintings and no real idea of who she was. I now understand her significance as a trailblazing female artist whose adventurous spirit … Continue reading

LOST 20-28 MAY 2017

  LOST 20-28 MAY 2017 Eramboo Artists Environment Installation documentation and video coming soon. LOST PETA DZUBIEL The Australian bush conjures up a deeply felt anxiety in many whom may have, at some point, wandered too far from the track. Beguiled by its beauty and the excitement of exploring the untamed, imagination takes hold and … Continue reading

REMOTE Peta Dzubiel/ Jane Guthleben 19 July – 6 August at Incinerator Art Space

Two painters consider the relevance of landscape in the contemporary Australian psyche. From the shabby grandeur of Guthleben’s still life-landscapes to Dzubiel’s immersion of the human figure in the bush, their work explores themes of isolation, fear and nostalgia, and hints at degradation and dark histories. With references to art history and Australian cinema, their … Continue reading

Painting and the Australian Gothic

Remote Peta Dzubiel | Jane Guthleben   Exhibition 19 July-6 August Opening Saturday 22 July 2-4pm Incinerator Art Space 2 Small St, Willoughby NSW   Painting and the Australian Gothic   The Australian Gothic has been described as an overlooked genre in conventional readings of Australian art history[1]. However, recent exhibitions such as Weird Melancholy: … Continue reading

Eramboo artist environment presents LOST 20 – 28 May 2017

Eramboo Artist Environment is proud to present LOST. This exhibition seeks to re-imagine the notion of being lost in the Australian landscape via painting, installation and photography. Come with the family to explore art outside on the beautiful Eramboo property. LOST PETA DZUBIEL The Australian bush conjures up a deeply felt anxiety in many whom … Continue reading

Interview with Peta Dzubiel by Rachel Carroll curator of Reflection/Refraction

  Interview with Peta Dzubiel: When did you start painting & which teacher/s influenced your practice? I started my BFA at the College of Fine Arts when I was 19 in 2003. I always loved and felt drawn to landscape painting, so I was very happy to have Ian Grant as a painting lecturer. I … Continue reading

REFLECTION/REFRACTION essay and selected preview of work

  Light can give you back your history, not only as a thought or memory but as a vital and intense experience…it strongly influences the sentiment with which you experience your reality. Huisman This exhibition Reflection/Refraction brings together three Sydney based artists who enhance our memories of reality with light. As the quote suggests, light … Continue reading


I am pleased to tell you my paintings are in a group show presented by Northern Beaches Council titled Reflection/Refraction. The exhibition runs during July at Warringah Creative Space 105 Abbott Road North Curl Curl. Reflection/Refraction is a curated exhibition by Rachel Carroll. It presents three emerging Northern Beaches Artists who explore the notion of light. … Continue reading

PETA DZUBIEL – ARCADIA 1-11 April 2015

Peta Dzubiel ARCADIA 1-11 April 2015 @ Sheffer Gallery 38 Lander Street Darlington Arcadia This exhibition of paintings seeks to re-imagine the idea of Arcadia in the Australian landscape.  Arcadia is a term derived from the Ancient Greek conception of paradise or place of rustic beauty. The phrase, ‘Et in Arcadia Ego’, roughly translates as … Continue reading

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