Studio developments/ new paintings

Over the past 12 months I have been exploring new subject matter with an historical content. Paintings of old-world faces and interiors sit alongside one another to create broken narratives, and an ambiguity that I always find interesting. I have focused too, on heightening the psychological aspect of portraiture by scraping a pallette knife ladened with oil paint across the surface of the canvas blocking out parts of the face. In particular, the eyes which communicate so much about a person. Some believe the eyes are windows into one’s soul. To erase the eyes from a painting immediately gives a portrait a psychological edge, promoting an element of mystery and intrigue.

                                                                             Canopy, oil on canvas

                                                                                 Girl Disappearing, oil on canvas

                                                                                 The Help, oil on canvas

                                                                                 Visitor, oill on canvas

                                                                                 Time is Then (Ava), oil on canvas

Selected work 2007-2009

Nightplay, oil on board

Carny, oil on canvas

Carny, oil on canvas

Carny, oil on canvas

Nightplay, oil on board

Nightplay, oil on canvas


Nightplay, oil on canvas


Nightplay, oil on canvas

Outskirts, oil on canvas

Outskirts, oil on canvas

Outskirts, oil on canvas

Outskirts, oil on canvas

Time is Then, Adelaide Central Gallery

Recent paintings by Chelsea Lehmann and Peta Dzubiel

28 May – 26 June 2010

An exhibition of two contemporary Australian Painters, ACSA Lecturer, Chelsea Lehmann and

NSW artist Peta Dzubiel. Chelsea Lehmann was listed in 2008 by the Australian Art Collector as

one of Australia’s most collectable artists and Peta Dzubiel is an Honours graduate from the

College of Fine Art at the University of NSW. The exhibition will showcase recent paintings by

Lehmann and Dzubiel who share a common theme of suggesting temporal ambiguity. Their

works both explore pictorial situations suggesting reality is not one thing but a combination of

remembered, existing and subconscious experience. – Prue Gramp 2010

Time is then

The paintings depict the bohemian existence of nomadic performers and the landscapes they occupy. I am interested in the transience of travelling entertainment and the nostalgia which is often attached to these temporary worlds. The paintings retain a sense of a bygone era, subject to both the potential and the limitations of our imagination. The figures populating these worlds construct and participate in the impermanent and theatrical nature of their chosen profession, living at the fringes of society: a life that is not mainstream.

Time is then envelopes painterly qualities to conjure up emotive scenes, where the mundane landscape is transformed into a magical world and the representation of transitions in nature capture a moment in time. Transitions between twilight and darkness attach an eerie strangeness and poetic sentimentality by placing the viewer in an ambiguous state of conflicting meaning and emotion.

The paintings draw reference from Romanticism, using the mood of the natural environment to create a sense of theatrical drama. The carnival genre is employed to explore the innocence of a child in a knowing world. This is expressed using a non-linear narrative to create ambiguity and a sense of mystery. The carnival becomes part of the landscape to create an aesthetic where the contaminated natural environment becomes a thing of beauty. Nature provides the drama while the carnival scene is left static and still.

The figurative addition of the child symbolises the romantic notions a child has of the carnival world. The paintings engage with the curiosity of a child, their imagination and temptations. What allures a child highlights the child’s vulnerability. Through the eyes of a child we romanticise the carnival and these nomadic peoples. In doing this we exploit their image in our imaginings and neglect their realities. What time was then, is now.

Peta Dzubiel

April 2010

Selected works below

                                                                       Outskirts, oil on canvas, 91.5 x 1.22cm

                                                                       Outskirts, oil on linen, 30.5 x 35.5cm

                                                                       Ava, oil on linen, 25.5 x 25.5cm

                                                                      Home, oil on linen, 30.5 x 35.5cm

                                                                      Dusk, oil on linen, 30.5 x 35cm

                                                                 Time is Then, oil on linen, 35.5 x 35.5cm

                                                                      July, oil on canvas, 76 x 91.5cm

 Artist Talk: Chelsea Lehmann talks about the exhibition  Time is Then

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Peta Dzubiel         C.V

BORN                      1984, Sydney, NSW, Australia

EDUCATION           College of Fine Art, UNSW, Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (painting) 2003-2006

                                    The University of Sydney, Masters of Teaching Visual Arts 2009-2010


2017      Remote (with Jane Guthleben), Incinerator Art Space, Sydney

2017      Lost (with Cade Turner), Eramboo Artist Environment, Sydney

2015      Arcadia, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney

2013      Across Time and Place, Depot II Gallery, Sydney

2010      Time is Then (with Chelsea Lehmann), Adelaide Central Gallery, SA



Reflection/refraction (with Cade Turner & Karen Stuart), Warringah Arts Space, NSW

William Fletcher Rome Fellowship Exhibition, Artarmon Galleries, NSW

Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize (Salon des Refuses), Parliament House, NSW


Fisher’s Ghost Art Exhibition, Campbelltown Regional Art Gallery, NSW


Calleen Art Award, Cowra Regional Art Gallery, NSW


Fisher’s Ghost Art Exhibition, Campbelltown Regional Art Gallery, NSW

Keeping Company with the Collection, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, NSW


Calleen Art Award, Cowra Regional Art Gallery, NSW


Calleen Art Award, Cowra Regional Art Gallery, NSW

Salon Show, Painters Gallery, NSW


Visions of Vaucluse, Vaucluse House, NSW


Assemble, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn VIC

Palm Exhibition, Verge Gallery, University of Sydney

Petite,  Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, NSW


Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship, Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills, NSW

Humanity, in a moment, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, NSW

Autumn Show, Newport Artworks Gallery, Newport, NSW


Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship, Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills, NSW

Smash Hits: The Best & Worst Of 2007, Parramatta Artists studios, NSW


COFA Annual ’06, Graduate show, COFA, UNSW, Paddington, NSW

Sustainable Environment, Hutcheson Gallery Roundhouse, UNSW, Kensington, NSW

9 x 5 Truck show (International Noise), Art Gallery of NSW, Dank Street Galleries and ACP, Sydney

Money Makes the World Go Round, Kudos Gallery Paddington, NSW

COPY CATS, Barcolm St Bridge, Paddington, NSW

Painting 2006, John Gordon Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW


COFA Annual ’05, COFA, Paddington, NSW

The Space Between, Kudos Gallery, Paddington, NSW

Dissonance, Kudos Gallery, Paddington, NSW


Imaging The Land, group show, COFA UNSW Paddington, NSW


2013 Winner, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Traditional Award, NSW

2013 Gunyah Artist in Residence, NSW

2012 Bundanon Trust Artist in Residence, Nowra NSW

2011 Highly Commended, Calleen Art Award, Cowra NSW

2010 Finalist, William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship and Rome Residency

2008 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

2007 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

2005 William Fletcher Trust Grant


Bundanon Trust Collection, NSW

Cowra Regional Art Gallery, NSW


2010        In Daily Gallery Series, Time Is Then, Chelsea Lehmann and Peta Dzubiel, Artist talk (online) June 17