Studio developments/ new paintings

Over the past 12 months I have been exploring new subject matter with an historical content. Paintings of old-world faces and interiors sit alongside one another to create broken narratives, and an ambiguity that I always find interesting. I have focused too, on heightening the psychological aspect of portraiture by scraping a pallette knife ladened with oil paint across the surface of the canvas blocking out parts of the face. In particular, the eyes which communicate so much about a person. Some believe the eyes are windows into one’s soul. To erase the eyes from a painting immediately gives a portrait a psychological edge, promoting an element of mystery and intrigue.

                                                                             Canopy, oil on canvas

                                                                                 Girl Disappearing, oil on canvas

                                                                                 The Help, oil on canvas

                                                                                 Visitor, oill on canvas

                                                                                 Time is Then (Ava), oil on canvas

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