Upcoming Bundanon Residency

Towards the end of the year I will be taking up an artist residency at the late Arthur Boyd’s property Bundanon.

Stay tuned….


My current painting practice explores the tradition of landscape with a focus on the temporal; the idea that places remember their past whilst always being at the mercy of human intervention and other forces of change.

As an expansion on ideas of ‘country’ and ‘place’ I also look at landscape in the context of nomadic subcultures such as the travelling carnival and, indirectly, the legacy and spirit of early pioneers and explorers- people in search of a place to dwell, if only on the fringes.

My paintings work with elements of pictorial ambiguity and mystery to explore these themes, perhaps evoking a bygone era, but remaining contemporary through the use of a variety of materials, processes and the deployment of discontinuous space.

I would like to evolve my work by making paintings and drawings en plein air in the Bundanon landscape and, as a new aspect of my practice, explore interior contexts; in this case the residence of the late Arthur Boyd. The observation and rendering of artefacts and the memory and absence of people assist the development of potential narratives.

I think that through continual contact and immersion with the specific physical aspects of Bundanon and the interior ‘memory’ of Arthur Boyd’s residence that I can generate studies that capture some of the beauty, historical richness and ‘spirit’ of this unique place. Transitions between twilight and darkness, internal/external and figure/field relationships are a means by which I can express the psychological and metaphysical aspects of ‘Landscape’.

Provided with the opportunity to evolve my practice on a deeper level through a residency at Bundanon, I believe I can produce a body of work that engages the viewer with the ideas I have outlined above.

Particular sites of interest on the Bundanon property I wish to explore are the natural amphitheatre towards the back of the property that I have previously visited as a day-tripper and also the Shaolhaven River and surrounding grazing meadows.  My aim is to hold an exhibition showcasing work developed at Bundanon.

For more information about the Bundanon Artist Trust visit the website below