Week three at Bundanon

This week at Bundanon I have been getting out to different parts of the property with my oils and boards to make small paintings. I have treated these paintings as small studies, mainly to reference colour. Colour and referencing the different aspects of the property has been my main concern this week. I can use these small studies, … Continue reading

Week two at Bundanon

Due to the indecisive weather this past week, I have been occupied in the studio working on some larger oils on canvas. The paint application has involved mixing up buttery oil colours and applying them loosely onto the canvas with a palette knife and a combination of brushes, scrubbing in the colour, whilst recognising tone … Continue reading

Week one at Bundanon

Reflecting on my time in Bundanon after the first week, I can honestly say it has been food for the soul. The property is historically and artistically rich and I have spent much of my time exploring it. The property is overwhelmingly beautiful and there is a real sense of imagination that is present within … Continue reading

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