Week four at Bundanon

Tears. Leaving Bundanon and the Shoalhaven with a heavy heart after what has been a wonderful month. My art practice feels invigorated and strong.

The last week at Bundanon I spent mostly sketching and drawing and enjoying the property and the magnificent feeling of simply being there. It is amazing how after a few weeks new scenes or interesting aspects of the property reveal themselves to you for artistic exploration; a second stage of seeing. I chose to mostly draw and do things in the studio that didn’t involve oil paint, mainly for practical reasons because transporting wet paintings back to Sydney wouldn’t be fun. Soft pastel was the drawing medium of choice for its immediacy and the application of colour to show form and contrast quickly.

The residency at Bundanon has honestly been productive and thought provoking. I came to Bundanon with set ideas of what I would do and to some extent I have achieved this. However, I was not expecting to leave with the abundance of research, references and multiple lines of inquiry I now have to work with for the next few years at least. I also didn’t expect to connect as strongly as I did with the fellow artists in residence. It was so refreshing to meet artists willing to let you share in their creative process and see their work unfold and develop.

Special thanks to fellow AIR’s Kath Fries, Julie Bradley, Amy Walsh, Christa Hughes, Candy Royalle, Paula Tierney and my house mate Flossie Peitsch and amazing musician/composer Christina Green.

Big thanks to the staff and Trust of Bundanon that run and provide such a professional and supportive residency program. Thankyou for being so inclusive and approachable, all of you, you’re wonderful.

Special Thanks to Regina Heilmann – Arts Program Manager, Deborah Ely – CEO, Jen Thompson – Collections and Exhibitions Manager, Onni  Namek– Housekeeper, Gary Hogan –Caretaker and Henry Goodall – Property Manager (thanks for the chats and sharing your knowledge of the property).

A Super Big thankyou to Arthur and Yvonne Boyd for giving this epic gift to Australia.




P1040807 - CopyP1040808





P1040647 - Copy

After Boyd’s painting, ‘Narcissus’, 1976