In the Studio

In this House, oil on canvas on board 20 x 25.5cm

In the studio I have been painting small and large Bundanon landscapes and exploring figurative ideas derived from historical photographs and stories from the Shoalhaven region.

From a visit to historical Meroogal House Nowra, I became intrigued by a photograph of Margaret Ross Macgregor as a young girl. In the photograph, she is wearing mariner shell necklaces, which were made by Aboriginal women and the particular necklaces Margaret is wearing in the photograph have been identified as Tasmanian. These necklaces were regarded as jewellery for children and so it is likely that they were given to Margaret Macgregor as a gift. She married a Presbyterian minister with whom she had a daughter. She later divorced her minister husband and raised her daughter at Meroogal House with her sisters. To do this during her time would have caused conversation in the town as divorce was rather taboo, especially from a man of the cloth. Apparently Margaret Macgregor’s reputation held up.




Potted Landscape

Copper Pot For a Friend

Several months ago my dear friend and artist, Chelsea Lehmann, gave me a little copper pot so I could experience painting on a surface that she had enjoyed working with. I rediscovered the little pot in the studio and decided to paint a tiny landscape for her. The oil paint moved smoothly on the copper and allowed for impasto and lighter brushwork so the copper can shine through when caught in the light.