Listening to Luka

I have been listening to Luka Bloom a lot, in the studio down in Bundanon and in the studio up here in Sydney. If only a painting could convey as much feeling and emotion as a song.

In the Studio

In the studio I have been painting small and large Bundanon landscapes and exploring figurative ideas derived from historical photographs and stories from the Shoalhaven region. From a visit to historical Meroogal House Nowra, I became intrigued by a photograph of Margaret Ross Macgregor as a young girl. In the photograph, she is wearing mariner shell … Continue reading

Potted Landscape

Copper Pot For a Friend Several months ago my dear friend and artist, Chelsea Lehmann, gave me a little copper pot so I could experience painting on a surface that she had enjoyed working with. I rediscovered the little pot in the studio and decided to paint a tiny landscape for her. The oil paint … Continue reading

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