Peta Dzubiel – Across Time and Place

Across Time and Place

Depot II Gallery 2013

This solo exhibition stems from a Bundanon Trust Artists’ residency during the entire month of November last year. The paintings focus on the property, its vastness, beauty and skies that seek to envelop one in its weather. In addition to the landscapes, figurative paintings that feature artefacts and the memory and absence of people assist the development of potential narratives. Internal and external figure/field relationships are a means by which I can express the psychological and metaphysical aspects of ‘Landscape’.

My current painting practice explores the tradition of landscape with a focus on the temporal; the idea that places remember their past whilst always being at the mercy of human intervention and other forces of change.

My paintings work with elements of pictorial ambiguity and mystery to explore these themes, perhaps evoking a bygone era, but remaining contemporary through the use of a variety of materials, processes and the deployment of discontinuous space.

Peta Dzubiel, 2013


Thank you to the Bundanon Trust and artists’ residency team.



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