Inside the Studio


Inside the Studio

In the studio I have been oscillating between painting landscape and figurative works for a solo exhibition in early April 2015. I am conscious of the work showing all of my ideas, influences and reading, on a visual picture plane. These ideas consist of Arcadia and the Australian landscape, lost children narratives and drowning’s and the Australian Gothic mode, in particular the writing of Gerry Turcotte and his paper,  ‘Australian Gothic’, 1998 which has isolated and described several ideas which influence my practice.

The conceptual has pushed my painting and studio practice in new areas. I am concerned with the paintings being aesthetically appealing yet containing an air of uncertainty, as it is this juxtaposition which can be attributed to the Australian Gothic mode; it is what we experience and have an indirect awareness of in the Australian landscape. Behind the beautiful and the inspiring can be tragedy or the deeply unsettling.

My challenge in the studio and out in the field, is painting these themes of the Shoalhaven River, the bush and the figure in the landscape in a convincing way. However, this is not unenjoyable, completely the opposite in fact.

Earlier this year I was able to travel to Spain and Provence in France where I saw many important Art Galleries and Museums. I kept a sketchbook/journal and am now finding that the works of several artists are having an impact directly and indirectly in the studio.

Below are some pictures of paintings (in progress) and drawings from my sketchbook.