REFLECTION/REFRACTION 13-24 July 2016 Peta Dzubiel, Cade Turner, Karen Stuart – curated by Rachel Carroll

Light can give you back your history, not only as a thought or memory but as a vital and intense experience…it strongly influences the sentiment with which you experience your reality.


This exhibition Reflection/Refraction brings together three Sydney based artists who enhance our memories of reality with light. As the quote suggests, light can greatly influence our experience of a place or event. Each artist touches on certain events that reflect the environmental changes in our atmosphere, oceans and waterways. Each artist highlights the nature of an everyday experience; a lake, the ocean floor and cloud formations, but they are asking us to question these surrounds from an environmental perspective. Each artist is dedicated to their chosen media – painting, photography and ceramics. – Rachel Carroll 2016

Peta Dzubiel – Painting

Cade Turner – Photography

Karen Stuart – Ceramics


Rachel Carroll

Northern Beaches Council

Warringah Creative Space

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